Miss Representation

watching this…

not encouraging


BYU Vocal Point - Danny Boy (from “Lead Thou Me On: Hymns and Inspiration” album) (by vocalpointbyu)

Society: Every girl is beautiful.
Fat girls: Really?
Skinny girls: Really?
Curvy girls: Really?
Scene girls: Really?
Preppy girls: Really?
White girls: Really?
Black girls: Really?
Society: Wait let me be more specific
Society: You need to have boobs the size of Canada, an ass that will put Nicki Minaj to shame, perfect porcelain skin with nary a single blemish, straight white teeth that will blind somebody that looks at them without sunglasses, hair that is thick and flows like a waterfall made of rainbows and unicorn tears, eyelashes that will touch your forehead and look natural doing it, soft hairless skin, and a smolder that will fry a chicken in a basket. You also have to be a size 00 because guys love it when they can see your ribcage.
Society: Why is everybody getting depressed all of a sudden?